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Corporate Law

Secondary/Private Placements/PIPE Financing Transactions

Initial Public Offering (IPO)/Secondary Offering

Reverse Mergers, Alternate Public Offerings, Acquisitions

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(1934 Act Reports)

Securities Arbitration


What we do.
We believe in forging relationships with clients

As a full service corporate and securities law firm, we have extensive knowledge and experience to provide high quality, personalized attention to both public and private companies, in the United States and Worldwide. Through our principal, Jeffrey M. Stein, and affiliations he has developed in his more than 20 years of experience in these fields, we provide clients with creative and practical solutions. Realizing the ever changing nature of this business we believe in attention to detail and prompt responsiveness.

We believe in forging relationships with clients, seeking to help clients grow in any manner possible, beyond the normal lawyer/client relationship. Whatever the business goals may be, we strive to offer individualized, targeted solutions. Our success is measured by the ultimate success of our clients.